Trishelle Thinks Team San Diego Needs A Big Ol' Therapy Session [Sneak Peek]

Team San Diego once stood atop the "Battle Of The Seasons" totem pole, but in recent weeks, they've fallen from grace with a particularly loud thud. Ever since the boys freaked out at the girls, then turned on each other, the contentious foursome hasn't taken any time to mend fences. In the sneak peek of the show's upcoming episode, walking on eggshells has become standard operating procedure for the once-mighty team.

"Since the last elimination, Zach and I haven't really talked," Frank says in the clip. "And it sucks." It's too bad that as far as Zach's concerned, a resolution won't come soon, and during a night out at a bar he spews venom about Frank to Jasmine between drinks, calling his enemy-turned-friend-turned-enemy "soft as sh**" and a "punk bitch." So who's wrong, and who's right? It's not totally clear, but if Trishelle had her choice, it is something best left up to a professional. "I swear to God I think that you guys need therapy," she tells Frank.

+ Do you think the bickering boys need a time out? Check out the video and tune in to an all new "Challenge" episode this Wednesday night at 10/9c!

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