Kailyn Lowry To Join 'Teen Mom 2' Brace-Face Brigade

Soon, Leah Calvert won't be the only "Teen Mom 2" castie with a tin grin. Kailyn Lowry recently announced plans to join Leah in the brace-face brigade. "6 weeks from now this momma will have metal mouth. #braces," she tweeted on Friday. And because most metal mouths have barely entered puberty yet, one of the 20 year old's followers was curious to know why she waited so long. "Because now is when I can pay for them," Kail answered. Lest "TM2" fans forget, raising a baby on your own ain't cheap.

Kailyn, who has been studying to become a dental assistant, should be well-prepared for her visits to the orthodontist. Lately, she has been -- ahem -- brushing up on her schoolwork. "Dental instruments," Isaac's mom posted last week along with a pic of her filled-out worksheets, followed by a shot of her practicing her skills on some model choppers. You're up next, Kail!

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Photo: @KailLowry