That's What You Said...About The State Of Stiles' Hair

Whether we were writing about Jessica Lu's new blonde dye-job or the state of Stiles Stilinski's buzz cut, hair was in the air on Remote Control this week. And you guys certainly didn't complain. When "Teen Wolf" creator Jeff Davis asked fans to help him work a longer 'do for Dylan O'Brien into Season 3, y'all jumped on the opportunity to influence the new scripts. Take a look at some of the comments that were posted on Remote Control and Facebook, then add your own input if you haven't already!

Remote Control:

"He should go long, because it shows that he's going through some changes. He isn't the same Stiles that he was before, he's changed and grown up. The hair symbolizes that." -- Clara

"It was cute the first season, and was okay the second, but I think as he gets older, he would probably change his hair. If he lets it grow out, he'll seem less a kid and maybe certain people--like Derek or his father--will take him more seriously." -- Christine

"I think the shorter hairdo is a big part of Stiles' character so I would love for the buzz cut to stay." -- Rebecca


"When I think of Stiles, I think of short buzz cut.:) It goes with his character. -- Asher D.

"Long hair--he needs a change since Lydia broke his heart." -- Danielle L.

"Can we get a vote on Hoechlin's chest hair next?" -- Lavenya L.

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