Jessica Lu Follows Ashley Rickards' Lead And Dyes Her Hair Blonde! [Photos]

Jessica Lu of "Awkward" shows off her sultry side at a photo shoot.

It wasn't long ago that Ashley Rickards freed herself of Jenna Hamilton's brunette 'do and debuted new blond locks, and now it looks like the sunny side has attracted another "Awkward" star. Last we saw, Jessica Lu was proudly sporting Ming's jet-black bob, but she, too, recently showed off a lighter head of hair. Is Molly Tarlov next, and could Sadie Saxton ever be as intimidating with such an ethereal hue? "You're welcome!" would seem so sincere!

"Kisses," is all J. Lu tweeted from a recent a photo shoot, and we have to say--though we don't see a trace of Ming (there's no farm animal-emblazoned hat, after all), we're kind of digging it.

The world's proudest Taco Bell fan made her transformation official by chowing down on some Tex-Mex (see photo below). Jessica might look a little different, but this confirms she's still the girl we know and love.

+ Check out the photo, and tell us if you're a fan of Ming's new streaky 'do!


See! Still the same happy-go-lucky carnivore.

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