No Way! Check Out Michelle Ang's Post-Apocalyptic Past Life [Video]

Left: Michelle Ang as Sophia on "Underemployed." Right: Michelle Ang as Tai-San on "The Tribe".

Before she was hocking maple bacon bars and hiding vibrators as Sophia on "Underemployed," New Zealand-born actress Michelle Ang was fighting her way through a post-apocalyptic wasteland as Tai-San on "The Tribe." The kiwi show ran from 1999-2003, and from what we can tell, it had a pretty big following. We're talking fan sites, music videos, memorabilia and more. It looks like the fandom of Ang's former show rivals even the most rabid "Teen Wolf" fans!

While delving through the many, many websites devoted to "The Tribe," one video in particular caught our eye. It features Ang, along with three of her costars singing, dancing and being in looooove. Just like "Glee!" Yet, not at all...

We knew Ang had some wacky talents, but this is some child prodigy s***. Check out her moves in action!

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