Diem Brown Reveals The Final Result Of Her 'Road To Chemo Baldom' [Video]

Diem Brown unveils the end result of her chemotherapy.

Diem Brown of "The Challenge" never ceases to amaze us. Brown whipped ovarian cancer's ass back in 2006 only to find out that it had sadly returned for the second time earlier this year. For round 2, she vowed to detail her hair loss on her "road to chemo baldom," as she put it on People.com. Last month, she posted the first installment. And yesterday, she followed up with the second and final video, making good on her promise to kiss the last of her once-flowing beautiful blond locks goodbye on camera in an effort to assuage the fears of other cancer patients.

"It's just finishing what you started," says the feisty, fearless fighter in the video, as she brushes through her knotted, matted hair and it falls out piece by piece. "And emotionally it doesn't really affect me anymore," she insists. But as a viewer, the impact is huge, and the almost five-minute recording can be tough to watch. Still, she never loses that trademark spunk, courage and sense of humor that made us fall in love with her as a ballsy competitor on "The Challenge."

"A very stylish hairdo," she jokes as she glances in the mirror at the remains of her patchy scalp. "Don't you want this look?" She then cuts off the remaining pieces with a pair of scissors and sees her bald-headed reflection staring back at her for the first time. "This is me, right?" she says, as she repeatedly pets her hairless scalp and smiles in a beautiful-inside-and-out moment. And wouldn't you know, the tireless multi-tasker already has plans for another video series. "I would love to do one of those, like, cool, like, morphing videos showing your hair growing back in stages," she reveals at the end. That would be cool, but seeing Diem healthy again? Now that's something we all can't wait to see! Diem, you are truly an inspiration to everyone.

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Photo courtesy of People.com