Got Space In Your 'J-Shore' Slangtionary For Some Sneaky Dickens?

If she had nowhere to be this past Tuesday, SHE'S TOO YOUNG FOR YOU, BRO! If he's copy-cattin' your new kicks, that's some SWACKIN'! And now, if you're creepin' at the club while already wifed up, that's a case of some SNEAKY DICKENS!

Mike's flirty behavior--only days after establishing an official relationship with Paula--earned him credit for the latest induction into the "Jersey Shore" slangtionary, and after RonniePauly D and JWOWW all uttered the term, it could never, ever be forgotten. Consider it the "pre-cheat!"

"Mike is a super-Sneaky Dickens because he does everything you're not supposed to do when you have a girlfriend!" Ronnie observed after his pal started chatting, dancing and touching women who...well, weren't Paula. So that mouth-to-ear conversation? Sneaky Dickens. Bucketfuls of suggestive innuendo? For sure a case of the S'y Ds. And if you let a woman grind up and down your exposed torso, you are the Sneaky Dickens living-and-breathing poster child. LOCK IT UP.

See if you're a card-carrying member of the Sneaky Dickens club in this video from the latest episode:

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