The Best Of Barb: Check Out A Mashup Of The 'Teen Mom 2' Granny's Greatest Lines [Video]

Monday's "Teen Mom 2" Season 3 premiere will mark the long-awaited return of leading ladies Chelsea, Kailyn, Leah and Jenelle, but--lest we forget--there are plenty of supporting players we're all looking forward to seeing again. There's Chels' heart-of-gold dad, Randy, Leah's ex-husband and father to her children, Corey and, of course, the infamous Barb. Jenelle's New England-bred mother has made quite a name for herself since she first uttered the words "AND GUESS WHAT?!" And in a new MTV promo, you can listen to some of her greatest glass-shattering one-liners mashed together in club-ready fashion!

"Oh, my God. Here we go..." Jenelle says as the clip begins, just before Barb dives right into a diatribe to end all diatribes. From each absent "r" sound to the most mocking "boooooyfriend" we've ever heard, the anthology of insults serves as a very clear reminder that Barb has never been one to mince words. Bite her, and she'll bite right back, YOU LYIN' HUSTALAH!

+ Check out the video, and tune into the "Teen Mom 2" Season 3 premiere Monday night at 10/9c!

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