Kailyn Confronts Jo About His New Lady Friend On The 'Teen Mom 2' Premiere [Sneak Peek]

As we count down the days until the "Teen Mom 2" Season 3 premiere (only 4 of them left!), we're all eager to get up to speed on the girls' lives, especially after last season's emotional finale. When we last saw Kailyn and Jo, their relationship was essentially over, with tensions running high. However, the two were doing their best to be there for their son, Isaac, despite their romantic troubles.

In this sneak peek of Monday night's premiere, Kailyn invites Jo over to hash out their future as co-parents in light of the maybe-new girlfriend he's trying to keep quiet. "So what's with this girl Vee? Is it serious or what? Does she know about, like, me and you?" Kailyn questions. Jo is caught off guard and mumbles his way through an explanation. "I mean, she knows that we have a kid together...and that uh, occasionally we hang out--" to which Kail curtly interjects, "And have sex?"

It's clear Kail's very frustrated with Jo's mixed signals--this new chick being in the mix feels like a threat to both her and Isaac. She makes one thing very clear regarding the mysterious "V": "I don't want this girl around my son. There's no reason for her to be playing mom." Let this be a lesson to Jo: Don't get between a mama bear and her cub, or there will be hell to pay.

Watch the video below to see the heated discussion, and don't forget to tune in Monday, November 12, at 10/9c for the premiere of "Teen Mom 2!"

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