Sitch Says It Loud And Proud: I Stayed Sober The Whole Damn Season! [Video]

Mike is just all over the "Jersey Shore" map this season, with multiple story lines involving his rehab stint, tension with Snooki and first Seaside Heights girlfriend (possibly even ever, considering his remedial boyfriend capabilities). We're so impressed by the way he's turned his 'tude around, made amends with all of his roommates (minus Snooks--get on that already, Mike!) and actually stuck to chugging Red Bull on the rocks at the clubs. It takes a whole lot of discipline, patience and humility to accomplish all three, and in our exclusive interview with the GTL master below, Sitch reveals that he didn't pick up a drink, pill or even a cigarette all summer long. That's what's up!

Surprisingly, Mike partially credits living in the "Jersey Shore" house for helping him remain on the straight and narrow. "It was so comfortable for me to be in my room," he told us. "It was so comfortable to be around my roommates, who I've known for a number of summers--four years now--and it really worked out to my advantage, because I eventually stayed sober the whole damn time!" Now that deserves a very long slow clap, people.

+ Check out the video to hear more from Mike about his path of rediscovery, and give him a shout out in the comments for beating the odds.

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