'Challenge' Chet Tweets A Pic Of His High School Hazing!

Chet Cannon poses with friends for his high school yearbook.

And you thought your high school years were tough! Earlier today, our eyes seemed to deceive us when resident "Battle of the Seasons" prankster Chet Cannon tweeted a photo of his bald and baby-faced high-school self. Here he is posing with his buddies--whose domes are also freshly shaven--demonstrating his alma mater's questionable hazing ritual.

"In one of the more classic high school traditions, East High (home of High School Musical) seniors shave the freshmen boys' heads. Freshmen BEWARE!!! #tbt #PayItForward," the Instagram caption explained. Leave it to Chet to laugh off the horrors of being a (somewhat underdeveloped) teen! The next time Team Brooklyn tries to make nice with a new set of Insane Games, may we suggest entering a head shaving competition into the mix? Chet would totally dominate!

+ Check out this side-by-side comparison to see how far the joker has come since his adolescent days, and tell us whether your school had any of its own bizarre traditions.

Before & After: Chet has changed a lot over the years!

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Photo: @Chet_Cannon

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