Ashley Rickards To Play Dreary Goth Chick In Upcoming Chris Colfer Film [Video]

If "Awkward" teenage anti-heroine Jenna Hamilton is a cynic-in-the-making, consider Ashley Rickards' newest character--a humorless goth chick--a full-blown radical. The MTV star with new platinum-blonde locks will return to her dark side in frenemy Chris Colfer's new film, "Struck By Lightning," and in the movie's trailer below, you'll see a whole new eye-rolling side to the actress famous for being that girl. You know what? You're not even welcome.

"Glee" star Colfer, who wrote the film, will play high school student and aspiring writer Carson Phillips, who's feeling the heat of standing out in his college application to Northwestern. Convinced a credit as the school's first lit mag founder will earn him admission, he blackmails students from all walks of life (Ash included) to coerce them into contributing stories...and the new "Breakfast Club" is born! Ideally, the motley crew won't include two guys who both catch her eye, but guess we'll just have to wait and see...

Check out a glimpse at the film, and catch it in theaters in January!

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