'Challenge' Poll: Can CJ Charm His Way Into Ashley's Heart?

Here's the thing. As writers, we understand that some great works are better left untouched, pristine in all of their original glory. You know, literature like "The Great Gatsby," "Romeo and Juliet," "Of Mice and Men"...and CJ's "Battle Of The Seasons" love letter to Ashley. For your consideration:


Hey girl! I thank God every day for giving me such a beautiful person--inside and out--to share this experience with. Seeing that your favorite number is four, that is why I chose four roses. I put an extra three roses on the side because seven is God's number, and I've been praying for his presence to be with you if you decide to go in[to The Arena].

Hey, it's no "50 Shades of Grey," but we certainly respect the sincerity.

Sadly, Cupid's arrow didn't jump off the page and pierce Ashley's heart, and when the letter got into the hands of Marie and Jemmye, any chance of true romance was shot to hell. The girls posed as Ash, penning a response that urged CJ to "do modeling gigs" with his crush and praised him for his love of peanut butter. Flattery will get you everywhere! But not with Ashley...

CJ's grand gesture pretty much fell flat, as Ashley didn't seem like she had any intention of taking it to the next level, but she did look a wee bit smitten when the jig was up. Think the lothario can still sidle his way into her heart? Take the poll!

Will CJ be able to win Ashley over?

  • Yeah, the two golden children seem to fit together.
  • No, Ashley's committed to staying single through the game.

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