Haters Gonna Hate! Snooki Fires Back At Her Twitter Critics

Snooki blows off her Twitter haters with humor.

Twitter asshats beware: Snooki's on the warpath to put you in your place with a piece of her pouf! Recently, the new mama amended her Twitter profile to include a truly telling statement: "Ignorance & Bullies don't phase this bitch." You tell 'em, girl! Internet trolling is almost as old as the web itself, but Nicole is making it crystal clear that sticks and stones may break her bones but names will never hurt her.

Between sweet life lessons for her baby meatball and self-portraits galore, the reality star-turned-entrepreneur has been tweeting and retweeting up a storm, zinging her critics one by one, either by throwing the shade back in their face or simply exposing their idiocy to her almost 6 million followers.

We admire the guidette's thick (animal print) skin--not just anyone could take that kind of heat with an "lol." Call her cat ugly, however, and she delivers the following promise: "I will find you, and I will kill you." Meow!

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Photo: @Snooki