The 'Catfish' Catch-22: How Far Would You Go For Love?

There are about 80 bajillion different ways to keep in touch. Tracking down an old camp friend or stalking an ex is as easy as a click of the mouse, and we're pretty much only a flying car or talking dog away from Jetsons-level technology. So with everyone utilizing social media 24/7--even (eek!) gramps--it only makes sense that Facebook, Twitter, etc. have become online dating hot spots. The days of traditional courting have died with bobby socks and pinning your girlfriends at the Sadie Hawkins dance--people now turn to the web instead of the soda shoppe to find their soulmates, casting a net that reaches for miles on end.

MTV's new series "Catfish" chronicles the true stories of couples that met online, but haven't actually met met. Some of them have been virtually dating for up to 10 years! To put it into perspective, if that relationship was a person, they'd be in fifth grade and probably really good at typing. And while, yes, the web opens up the dating pool to ocean-like sizes (it ain't called the "world wide web" for nothing), there's a certain risk involved that comes with putting yourself out there to someone that you may never see IRL. For the "Catfish" couples, it's a risk that's put to the test when hosts Nev, who went through it himself, and Max, bring these computer-crossed lovers face to face for the first time.

Nev and Max set out to sift fact from fiction within these very real relationships, and the result isn't always such a happy ending, because sometimes they catch a catfish, or "someone who pretends to be someone they're not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities," according to the video below. Guess that's why some people prefer the classic Nora Ephron-style meet-cute to taking a chance on Internet love. Or maybe they just think text sex is boring.

+ So, is forming intimate online relationships worth it if your Int3rn3tDood might actually be an Int3rn3tGurl (or worse, an Int3rn3tDad)? Or are you more comfortable with knowing your honey up close and personally before switching that status to "In a relationship?" Tell us what you think about virtual SOs in the poll!

Do you think finding your true love online is worth a shot?

  • Totally! The bigger the sea, the better your chances.
  • No way, I need to see my potential prospects IRL before taking that leap.

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