How Did Leah's Ex-Husband Corey React To Her Pregnancy News?

Leah's marriage with Corey might be over for good (you'll see how she eventually moved on during Season 3 of "Teen Mom 2," which premieres Monday at 10/9c), but at least the couple hasn't lost mutual respect. With their history of emotional ups and downs, news of Leah expecting her third child with second husband Jeremy Calvert could have disturbed the current peace between the exes, but that wasn't at all the case in reality, Leah tells Us Weekly. In fact, Corey actually offered her and Jeremy his sincere congratulations!

"He was happy for us," Leah shares with the mag. "He said something like, 'Congrats on the little bunny.'" And in spite of critics who feel the third "bunny" might be more than the young mother can handle, Leah maintains she's ready for the responsibility. "The path I chose isn't right for everyone, but it's right for me," she says. "I am financially stable -- we just bought our first home -- and I'm emotionally fit to have another child. I'm 100 percent prepared."

As rough a road as Leah's had raising her twins, there's never been any doubt that she loves them with all of her heart, so it's safe to assume this new baby will be on the receiving end of more warm fuzzies than he or she can stomach.

Pick up a copy of Us Weekly for the whole story, which includes whether Leah wants a boy or a third girl, and make sure to tune in for the premiere of "Teen Mom 2" Monday, Nov. 12 at 10/9c!

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