Mike Considers Pulling A 'Single Ronnie' [Bonus Scene]

Every relationship sees its tests, but Mike felt the girlfriend noose tightening almost instantly after making things official with Paula. We hoped it was just some beginners' jitters, but three days later, he's still feeling suffocated.

In the below bonus scene from last week's "Jersey Shore," Sitch chats up his buddies at the barbershop about the complexities of his new relationship. "She used to just smile, now she's just giving stories, and I'm just like, 'Nooo!'" says Mike, who has everyone, especially Ronnie, feeling skeptical that Paula's gf title will last through the summer evening. "If you're three days in, and you already don't wanna see your girlfriend, imagine after a month," Ron comments. Luckily, all Seaside guidos worth their salt are well-versed in the art of doing the dip, so Mike considers taking a note from "Single Ronnie" to Houdini his way out of the restraints of fidelity. "I don't know why I chose this year to not be single at the Jersey Shore, lookin' this damn good," he laments. "I've got issues."

+ Could this be the end of "sex on the reg?" Take a look at the clip, and tell us if you think Mike and Paula have a shot in hell at going the distance.

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