'Teen Mom' Toddler Sophia Helps Her Mom Rock The Vote! [Photo]

Sophia shows off her patriotism.

Anyone with a Facebook news feed knows this year's election got pretty heated between voters. Lots of people butted heads on the issues at hand, but at least everyone understood the importance of showing up to the polls. Even the kiddos! Yesterday, Farrah Abraham of "Teen Mom" gave her daughter an early lesson in democracy through leading by example. "Sophia is soooo Happy her mommy #voted today :)#Romney," the young author tweeted along with a pic of her little one wearing the hottest accessory of the season: "I Voted" stickers. "#VOTED got the sticker to prove it!!! like a champ :) #Romney," Farrah also shared.

While her mom just donned one sticker, Soph rocked TWO. No, the three year old didn't break any laws by voting twice (or 15 years early, for that matter). She just wanted to support her mommy, who took some heat for her very-vocal pro-Romney stance. "It looks like I have to post a YouTube video to explain my voting choice, so sad the world is that confused #Vote #Romney =WorldPeace!" she vented to her followers. Ah, yet another thing we can all support: world peace!

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Photo courtesy of @F1Abraham