'Underemployed' Poll: Are Daphne And Miles Hiding Feelings For Each Other?

Can a straight guy and a straight girl live together without resorting to their primal instincts and...you know...? TV has toyed with the idea for some time (the answer typically amounts to a big, fat NOPE), but on "Underemployed," Daphne took every chance she could during tonight's episode to assure doubters she and longtime friend/new roomie Miles are nothing more than old pals. But does she mean it? Or is this a classic case of crush denial? Allow us to stroke our beards and consider for a moment...

While Sophia was busy coping with her parents' rejection (poor girl...) and Lou and Raviva argued over money, Miles completely ignored Daphne's pleas to not mix business with pleasure and still auditioned for a spokesman role that was cast by her company. Daphne couldn't seem to come up with a reason as to why she didn't want Miles there (other than likening him to a "tornado"), but all it took was for her to let slip one emotional gaze during a follow-up heart-to-heart to know there was something more to the story. A gaze, mind you, that certainly didn't escape Daphne's boss/casual date/make-out partner, who looked a wee bit jealous after totally eavesdropping on their chat from down the hall. Could it have been the look of love?

+ Tell us what you think--is it only a matter of time before this group of friends sees a second incestuous couple, or will Miles and Daphne remain nothing more than roommates?

Are Miles and Daphne destined to be more than just roommates?

  • No way! Not at all each other's types.
  • Definitely seems like it!

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