Busted! Mike Gets Caught With Other Girls At The 'Jersey Shore' [Sneak Peek]

No one can argue that Mike's new life on the straight and narrow has been great for him, but he's starting to stray... at least as far as the ladies are concerned. Ever since he popped the "let's make it official" question to Paula, in a very public display at Rivoli's, she's become a stage-5 clinger. It's no wonder the rest of the "Jersey Shore" gang is grilling him about every night out to make sure he's staying faithful to his new squeeze.

In this sneak peek from Thursday's episode, the group is recounting their night over a lunch of giant hot dogs (naturally), when Mike boasts that "everyone was successful last night! MVP!" Cue the screeching breaks. When Sammi calls him out to define exactly what he meant by "successful," he's quick to deflect with a correction. "I didn't bring anybody home! So, that's a success for me." Nice save! Or it would be, if the guys didn't harp on it and tattle on him for grinding with girls that were definitely not Paula--a huge relationship no-no. Left to defend himself again, Mike almost drops the L-bomb about Paula, and is doubly busted. Oof, the poor guy just can't catch a break when it comes to his lady love that he really, really cares about... a lot.

+ Feast your eyes on the sneak peek below and make sure you tune in to see how Mike handles the heat this Thursday at 10/9c.

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