On The Next 'BOTS,' Team Brooklyn's New Game Is Playing Nice [Sneak Peek]

As trips to elimination rounds have become nearly unavoidable for Team Brooklyn, kissing ass hasn't been a priority for Devyn, JD, Sarah and Chet on "Battle Of The Seasons." Whether the quartet kicks ass or sucks; plays fairly or fights dirty, there's nothing they can do to catch a break from The Arena. But on the show's next episode, the foursome finally considers the idea that a stronger social game could change their luck. In this sneak peek, Team Brooklyn gives it their best shot to fit in with the cool kids.

"We're trying to ease the tension in the house, but more importantly, we're trying to get everybody to like Brooklyn, which has yet to happen," Chet says of his team's plan to recreate the "Insane Games" back at the house in the video below. On the agenda: blindfolded eating and the dreaded return of the spelling bee. However, it probably wasn't Chet's choice to bring back "narcissistic," but being able to laugh at his spelling snafu might be in their favor. Think it'll work? Hard to say, but after Devyn's tenure as "Vanna Black," how could they put such a fun loving team on the chopping block again?

+ Check out the clip below, and be sure to tune in to the next episode of "Battle Of The Seasons" Wednesday at 10/9c!

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