'Teen Mom 2' Tots Melt Hearts With Their Big Apple Smooch

Jace and Aubree pause to share a kiss in NYC.

Ah, to be young and in love! Back in May, Jenelle's son Jace professed his undying affection for fellow "Teen Mom 2" shorty, Aubree, in an adorable video. After the three year-olds reunited in The Big Apple this past weekend, it's safe to say the feeling is mutual. The two sported goofy grins in a photo tweeted by Aubree's mommy, Chelsea. And then, an even sweeter photo surfaced of the lovebirds sharing a peck on the street!

If you were wondering if these two have made it official yet, just yesterday, any question about their relationship status was answered with Jace's brand spanking new Twitter, which climbed to nearly 2,000 followers within hours of opening the account. These little ones are totally off the market! "Jace - 3 yrs old - TM2 baby - my heart is taking by Aubree :) - I love my mommy @pbandjenelley_1, grandma, grandpa Mike - I like to watch TV," he summed up in his bio, where he displayed his puppy love for Aubree with a kissy face photo as his background. Could this toddler twosome be any cuter?! We don't think so. Jaubree forevah!

Aubree and Jace: Couple's holiday card-to-come?

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Photos courtesy of @ChelseaHouska

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