5 Ways To Deal With A Bitchy Boss When You're 'Underemployed'

We've all dealt with the occasional Boss From Hell (not you, Lisa!), and it's never rainbows and sunshine. "Uhhmm, yeah. I'm gonna need you to come in on Saturday. And Sunday, too. Also, can I get those TPS reports this afternoon? Thaaaanks."

When Daphne encountered her first BFH during last week's "Underemployed" our hearts went out to the business-minded firecracker. Oh, and just to clear up any confusion, we're not referring to the boss she made out with...twice. This she-witch we speak of is her boss' boss: the big boss. And right after Daphne's boss-turned-boyfriend kinda sorta took credit for her tequila ad concept, the newbie ad gal gave BFH Deb the lowdown on the pitch-steal. However, Debbie was not having any of Daphne's new-found entitlement issues, and she accused our "Underemployed" friend of behaving like a preschooler out for shiny gold stars. BUT WE LOVE GOLD STARS, DEB!!! Rather than holding it in, Daphne indulged in a stairwell sob fest--again, something we've all some of us I've totally dealt with, despite it not being the best way to handle a verbal smackdown.

How could Daphne have better managed her bitchy big boss? We have some ideas:

1. Talk to the BFH's boss. Behaving like a condescending jerk is not listed in the "Guide To Good Managerial Skills." Deb's supervisor probably wouldn't like the fact that her employee is a big bad blonde bully.

2. Put on her big-girl pants. A BFH like Deb preys on the weak, so crying will only make her feel more in powerful. Be strong, take it like a champ and shut down the workplace waterworks to earn a little respect.

3. Chalk it up to a lesson learned. So every good idea is Deb's idea? Fine. Let her have 'em. In the grand scheme of things, it's no big deal. Daphne will have her day when she's a rung or two higher on the corporate ladder.

4. Find a new job. Preferably one where your ideas are valued and you don't screw up the hierarchy by dating your boss.

5. Grab a baseball bat and beat the office laser printer to death. That'll show Deb who's boss... of the printer.

+ Daphne's BFH makes a new friend on tonight's episode of "Underemployed!" Check out this sneak peek and tune in at 10/9c:

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