Pregnant Snooki Finally Wants To Smush, But Jionni Has An Ice Cream Headache [Bonus Scene]

When a pregnant woman finds herself begging for sex, and her baby daddy just wants to eat a little ice cream and hit the hay, we call that role reversal, folks. But it doesn't take long for Snooki to get on board with Jionni's plan to snack and snuggle in this bonus scene from last week's "Jersey Shore."

While her fiancée prepares a late-night treat, Nicole is busy researching what to expect when she's expecting, and learns that knocking boots can actually help her bun in the oven catch some Zzzs. It just so happens that she's in the mood for some good lovin'--quite a rarity for the pregnant meatball these days--however, this time Jionni's the one too tired to do the deed. "Pregnant problems!" Snooks says about her G-rated stay-at-home date. Yet when she and her hubby-to-be finally dig in for some dessert, she comes around to the idea of a smushless night. "Right now, I feel like a 40-year-old couple," she says. "We're having ice cream in bed--and honestly, I'm loving this right now."

Check out this clip to see the mildest date in the history of Snionni.

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