Catelynn and Tyler Of 'Teen Mom' Tweet Major Displays of Affection

The old saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" certainly rings true for Catelynn and Tyler of "Teen Mom." The engaged couple have been showering each other with some serious TDA (Twitter Displays of Affection, to coin a new phrase) since Ty's solo move to New Orleans a couple of weeks ago. "For real gonna cry when I drop my love @TylerBaltierra off at the airport at least I know I get to see u in two weeks! Love u baby!!" Catelynn posted before her man even left the house. And as soon as the aspiring actor arrived in NoLa, he gave many a shout out to his gal. "Ok for real cant sleep! Miss my cuddle buddy @CatelynnLowell #bestfriend #soulmate #lover," he wrote.

We're in total support of all the TDA--we simply can't get enough of these kids' love story!--and apparently we're not alone. "@TylerBaltierra @catelynnlowell so cute," fellow "TM" castie Farrah chimed in. The longtime duo's sweet exchanges have only grown more frequent in the days since they've been separated, with Catelynn quoting sappy Colbie Caillat lyrics and sharing Ty's horoscope: "@XSTROLOGY: In love #Pisces sacrifice and give everything they can without hesitation. @TylerBaltierra ?u!" tweeted Catelynn. Ty's perfect reply? "@CatelynnLowell @xstrology love u more hunnnie."

So for anyone who is still not clear on the status of their relationship, Catelynn stated the obvious on Sunday afternoon. "Everyone NEEDS to CALM down!!! @TylerBaltierra and I are still very much TOGETHER and still in love!" And sayin' it loud and proud!

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