The 'Jersey Shore' House Weathered The Storm [Photo]

The Seaside Heights house stayed in tact after Hurricane Sandy.

There's very little silver lining when it comes to the complete devastation Hurricane Sandy dealt New Jersey and the rest of the Northeast earlier this week. Homes across the coastline were ravaged, whole structures were torn apart and thousands of residents have been displaced. But, we have to admit, we smiled after stumbling upon recent photos that showed the "Jersey Shore" house is still in tact, and hope that its image will serve as a reminder that when we manage to put this rough spot behind us, there will still be good times ahead.

While the cast of the show was certainly on the ball during the storm (Roger was busy trying to save his own home from irreparable flooding and Snooki vowed to donate a sizable chunk of her wardrobe to those that had lost their own), there was no sure evidence for any that the beach pad they had come to love since 2009 had successfully weathered the storm. It had survived fights aplenty, but none held a candle to Sandy's wrath. Finally, though, we got proof it pulled through, and amid trash and heaps of shifted sand, it stands tall. It certainly doesn't make everything all right, but it's a small comfort.

Hope all of our Northeast friends are pulling through! Head over to MTV Act to see how you can help out those who are still struggling.

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Photo: Mejia/Asadorian/Splash News