Deena Says Unknown Anxieties Made Her Want To Ditch The 'Jersey Shore' [Video]

There are few remedies that can cure an unprovoked, unasked-for funk, and most viewers have noticed across the past few episodes of "Jersey Shore" that the usually cheerful Deena Nicole has been completely inconsolable. After a series of tearful conversations, an arrest and a fight with Ronnie, D looked ready to throw in the towel on tonight's episode. She says in the "Jersey Shore" Hook-up clip below that though she can't quite put her finger on what drove her to her breaking point, she, like Vinny before her, struggled with anxiety upon her third return to Seaside Heights.

"When I got drunk, it came out, and when I was sober I kind of held it in," recalls the meatball, who's in a far better place now. "Maybe it was Chris, maybe I was at a different place in my life--I also, beforehand, was going through a lot of anxiety I never had before...It was just my rough patch." And though Ronnie was Deena's harshest critic for being overly reliant on her boyfriend, he gives her a pass and admits that everyone's had a rough patch in the house at some time or another. LIKE WHEN HE CRIED TO HIS DAD.

+ Check out the video clips from the "Hook-up" below, and tell us if you think it's time for Deena to head home.

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