Mike Defends His Quest To 'Spruce Up' Paula [Video]

Never mind the fact that he attributed a numerical rating to his girlfriend's level of attractiveness. Never mind the fact that it was a pretty average number. But add the fact that Mike pledged to "spruce up" Paula with a shopping spree and trip to the dentist during tonight's "Jersey Shore," and you might just have to mind it all very much. Prince Charming, he sure ain't.

After swiftly deciding that "sex on the reg" with one person--specifically Paula--was simply not his forté, Sitch continued to criticize her perceived shortcomings while simultaneously tooting his own horn--evidently, the guy is a whiz at makeovers (despite never needing one himself, obviously). "A boyfriend always helps his girlfriend out, and I was being complimentary, OK?" he explains in this week's "Jersey Shore Hook-up," to which Sammi is quick to respond: "Ron never told me to fix my teeth."

But Ronnie thinks Mike is being unfairly judged, and comes forward with this defense: "He never really had a real girlfriend, and he didn't know you actually have to like the girl before you go out with her," adding that Mike's "got sneakers he likes more than her." Let's say it all together now: Poor Paula.

+ Watch the clip, and sound off with your opinion on Sitch's 8.2 assessment of his lady.

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