Snooki Vows To Clothe Hurricane Sandy Victims

For those affected by Hurricane Sandy, it will be quite some time before life gets back to normal. Millions still lack power and public transportation is barely operational, but luckily, these are just temporary inconveniences in comparison to the tragic loss of homes, businesses and lives. It's been a s*** week, to say the least, but many people, such as Snooki, are demonstrating their compassion in ways that extend beyond words.

The "Jersey Shore" meatball, who cried when she lost power during the storm and had to change Lorenzo with the aid of a flashlight, is off to the rescue! And she's bringing her wardrobe with her. "Cleaning my closet today to donate clothes and whatever I can [t]o the victims affected by sandy!" Snooki tweeted today. "I'm comin with clothes!!!" Sure, animal print and platform heels might not be everyone's cup of tea, but as long as it's dry and warm...

Nicole, who assured concerned Twitter fans that she no longer has to change Enzo's diapers in the dark ("At my moms In ny where there's electricity!! Baby & I are good ! Miss u @JLaValle"), also encouraged her nearly six million followers to help out. "U can contribute to the American Red Cross' relief efforts @ the Jersey Shore and elsewhere.text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.??" (Yes, she'll be making her own monetary donation.)

You heard the lady, get crackin!

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Photo: JB Nicholas/Splash News