Deena Threatens To Leave Seaside During A Fight With Ronnie [Sneak Peek]

The infamous "Meatball Day" has become such a "Jersey Shore" cornerstone, we're tempted to lobby for an official federal holiday. But ever since Snooki's duties as expecting mom rendered her unfit for party girl mayhem, Deena has had trouble finding a replacement.

Ron apparently showed some real promise as a stand-in meatball after spending a full day with Deena on the boardwalk, but in the below sneak peek of tonight's episode, the two trudge through some post-outing tension. Ron feels Deena can be self-absorbed and way too sensitive, and Deena, who seems to still be one or two sheets to the wind, thinks Ron could definitely stand to be more compassionate. "I didn't know you did that that much," he says in reference to Deena's "me me me" conversation style. "That's my life, that's what I do," she shouts, before threatening to pack her things and leave. "I hate this house! I f***ing hate it, I want to go home!"

Check out the video, and tune in to an all-new episode tonight at 10/9c to see if D can buck up and stay strong, or if she'll eventually follow in some of her roommates' footsteps and fly the coop.

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