Pauly D's Stalker Has A Stalker [Bonus Scene]

While Mike was busy printing the perfect Shirt Under The Shirt to make things official with Paula, Pauly D was addressing more serious matters. In the below Episode 6 bonus scene, Pauly's longtime lurker, Vanessa the Stalker, along with her questionable tote bag, reappears at the Shore Store, and this time she's brought a friend. "Wait, wait. The stalker has an assistant!" Mike blurts out, but Pauly seems pretty convinced that this new random creepster is just a Vanessa copycat. "You know you're hot when your stalker has a stalker. That's Pauly D problems," he says.

Call this guy what you will--personal assistant, stalker sidekick or maybe even...sugar daddy? Notice how Vanessa asked for homeboy's permission to make a $45 purchase...that cash certainly didn't come from her wallet. Looks like she'll never have to spend another dime on "I Heart Pauly" merchandise!

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