Which Type Of 'Challenge' Should MTV Run Next?

"The Challenge" players have been put through the ringer over the seasons (who can forget when Big Easy had to be carried out on a stretcher, or when Shauvon's implant almost exploded?). Between battles, gulags, gauntlets and nasty hangovers, we've seen enough drunken hookups, heated fights and torturous missions to last a lifetime. From the last-man-standing brutality of "The Duel" to the emotional instability that accompanies "Exes," each type of competition has its own unique set of rules and sadistic flare.

So, after 23 seasons (and counting), we're curious: Whaddya guys wanna see next? We've broken down some of the different "Challenge" styles to help you narrow down the field, so take a looksie below and vote in the poll. We can't promise that the winner will actually earn another tour of duty, but the powers-that-be are definitely curious to hear your opinion!

"The Duel": It's every man or woman for themselves, as the cast gets picked off one-by-one in a grueling series of battles. The last two standing take home the prize and major bragging rights for becoming their gender's Highlander.

"Cutthroat": Three teams are formed draft-style from the members that (twist!) lost the first mission. Anger and confusion ensue.

"Rivals": Each two-person team is made up of arch nemeses who are forced to work together. Basically, it's the perfect storm.

"Battle of the Exes": See Rivals, but with more jealousy and broken hearts.

"The Ruins": A modern day David vs. Goliath, this style pits the cool kids and repeat winners against newbies and repeat losers in an effort to maybe turn the tables. Spoiler alert: that table is usually pretty heavy.

"The Island": Few rules, no indoor plumbing. Without their usual fancy digs, and, uh, food, the Challengers in this game are forced to rely on survival instincts and coconuts for dinner. Whoever can withstand the scorching heat, brutal competitions and smell of their own B.O. wins!

Which Challenge would you want to see next?

  • Duel 3
  • Cutthroat 2
  • Battle of the Exes 2
  • Rivals 2
  • Ruins 2
  • The Island 2
  • A New Format

+ Are none of the above scratching your "Challenge" itch? Let us know if you've got a better idea!

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