Vinny's Voyeuristic Ways Earn Him A Bloody Toe [Bonus Scene]

Oh, that wacky Morgan! The proud "Jersey Shore" groupie shows her face (or, rather, her bare breasts) around the Seaside Heights compound every once in awhile to the captive amusement of the guys, and usually, the fun of flashing is pretty harmless. In the bonus scene below, however, getting a good eyeful of Morgan's assets comes at quite a price.

Vinny springs up from the hot tub when he hears Morgan's battle cry and joins Pauly D at the rooftop's edge for their regular how-do-you-do. After the bros have had their fill, Vinny slips back into the jacuzzi but hurts his toe en route, and Pauly nearly doubles over with laughter. "I can't even remember the last time I was in this much pain," Vin cries out while clutching his foot in agony.

Somewhere, Jenni is smiling, as karma has played its part by laying down a boo-boo on the guy who doubted her own.

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