Molly Tarlov And Holland Roden Help You Prep For Your Goriest Halloween Yet [Video]

It's time to let your witch's cackle bellow! Halloween is finally here, and tonight, millions of you (minus some of our neighbors in the Northeast) will take to the streets in your best ghoulish garb to chase an ongoing sugar high. But in the event your creative gene experienced a bit of stage fright this year, fear not! Molly Tarlov of "Awkward" and Holland Roden of "Teen Wolf" are here to lend their expert advice on how to come through in the clutch.

In the videos below, the two MTV stars help celebrity makeup artist Gitte give tutorials on basic makeup techniques so your fake bloody sores will ooze even more disgustingly, and your face-paint job honoring the undead will scare the sh** out of anyone around your block and beyond! And, from a doily to a couple of flowers, the supplies included definitely won't break the bank.

Check out how to use a zipper and some basic silicone to...make it look like your flesh is being ripped apart (nice!), and take a look at the rest of our video playlist to see how you can become an insane asylum patient, twisted dominatrix or a beautiful skull creature with some inexpensive materials and very basic techniques. Plus, if you miss a beat, we've included the step-by-step instructions from Gitte below.

Happy Halloween, y'all!

Evil vampire queen:

  • For lace mask, apply foundation to the skin. Place the lace over the face where you want the mask, and secure. Spray airbrush make-up over the entire area. Remove the lace.
  • For smoky glittery eye, on a mixing palette, squeeze a dab of duo onto the palette and spray with a little Evian water. Apply Duo wash to eyelid, and while tacky, apply glitter on top. Where you put the glue, is where the glitter will hold. Let dry and voila!
  • For strip lashes, apply lash glue to the strip part of the lashes. Let it get tacky for 30 seconds, and place (if you don’t let the glue get tacky, it moves, and makes a mess). Once placed and secured, take your eyeliner brush, put duo on it, and paint over the top of the strip lash for that extra hold. Now you can party all night and your lashes will stay on!
  • For vampy lips, use the eyeliner pencil. Blend the inside edge, leaving the outside edge sharp. Add the red lipstick, leaving the brightest color in the middle, but blending with the dark pencil base on the outside.

Eerie asylum patient:

  • Lay down an eyebrow using the non-toxic glue stick. Once dry, apply duo eyelash adhesive over the top, and let dry.
  • For pale skin, simply apply the foundation all over the face and neck area using a sponge. Blend. Set with setting powder. Using a make up brush, apply the eye shadow to the areas you want to make look ”hollow”.
  • For hollow eyes, start with the red lip liner pencil. Draw all the way around the eyelid area top and bottom. Use your finger to blend it. Draw lip liner onto the waterline. Then take the black eye shadow around the outer edges, and quite far underneath the eye to make it look hollow.
  • For pronounced veins, use the pencil (make it very sharp for a fine effect) to draw the veins. Blend slightly.
  • For a creepy mouth, use the black eyeliner pencil, draw from the corners of the mouth outwards and upwards to create the eerie smile look.
  • For cracked nails, take the fake nail and cut off the top so that it is just slightly longer than your natural nail. Use the nail file to make the front edge rough, and also to make the top surface matte. You can also break it in two length-wise to create a long crack down the middle. Paint your natural nail using reds and yellows (for icky infection). Apply the nail glue to the fake nail, and then press onto the natural nail. Paint more and add blood jam around edges if desired.

Gory guy:

  • For blood, mix red food coloring into the Caro syrup until desired saturation is reached. Add green food coloring one drop at a time until it gets that cool “brown red” color.
  • For road rash, create scratches using sponge and crème blood color, swiping in a single direction. Lay down spirit gum over the top and let it get tacky. When tacky, add the sugar for texture. Once the sugar is on, add more color, and then the blood.
  • For gash, mix the silicone compound 50/50, and apply to the skin rapidly. Blend edges using 99% alcohol. Use spatula to create slice down the middle. Add blood jelly in the gash, add flowing or drying blood.
  • For split lip, apply Rigid Collodion to lip in a jagged line. Let Dry. Apply blood or blood color over the top.
  • For hungry mouth piece, pre-paint the appliance. Apply layer of spirit gum to the skin, let it get tacky, and then place the appliance onto the glue. Using the Duo, smooth the edges of the piece. Use Pax paint to color over the edges of the appliance and blend into the skin. Add the bruise tone.
  • For zipper piece, glue the zipper onto the skin in the desired position using spirit gum. Use the Silicone Compound to blend the edge of the zipper into the skin. Use the foundation to color the zipper edges and blend into the skin.

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