JWOWW's Fiance, Roger, Pulls A 'Hawaii Five-0' To Save His Home [Photo]

"Nothing like jet skiing to your house to shut off the main breaker and gas. Yep. That's my house," tweeted Roger Mathews yesterday, after most of the tri-state area awoke to massive destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy. As you can see, JWOWW's fiance needed to think fast on his feet and be resourceful, since his house and the area around it were submerged in water.

Fortunately, Jenni was far away from the storm doing press on the West Coast, but that didn't ease the "Jersey Shore" star's anxiety, as she wasn't able to get in touch with Roger for 17 hours, she tells Jay Leno in the below clip from last night's "Tonight Show." Luckily, the big ol' gorilla's "Miami Vice" maneuver was successful, and he was thoughtful enough to share the above photo of his stealth mission upon returning to dry land.

The separate house he shares with Jenni was also in pretty good shape, all things considered. "It's fixable, I wanna say," she says in the video. 'It's really...it hurts the heart a lot. It's really kind of devastating, but as long as my dogs [are safe], Roger's safe, my friends are safe..." Amen, sister.

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Photo courtesy of @RogerMathewsNJ