'Jersey Shore' Cast Tweet Their Disbelief In Aftermath Of Hurricane Sandy

Aerial view of Seaside Heights' decimated boardwalk.

As Hurricane Sandy finally exits the Tri-State area, it leaves behind it a s***storm of destruction. The Jersey Shore was hit particularly hard--TV news reports show massive boardwalk destruction, including a detached roller coaster that now wades in the Atlantic. Trees have been uprooted, homes have been flooded and many people are injured. Tragically, at least 10 people in New York City have reportedly been pronounced dead in connection with the storm. Sandy's impact is unprecedented for the area, and our hearts go out to everyone affected.

Throughout the past 24 hours, social media has acted as a switchboard of communication between friends and loved ones, and this morning, the "Jersey Shore" cast spoke up with their reactions and messages of support. "I can not believe this footage I am seeing ugh what happened to my jersey shore! :( I hope everyone is alright!" tweeted Sammi. Her boyfriend Ronnie seconded the sentiment: "Praying for everyone that got the worst of #HurricaneSandy ...Hope everyone is safe! Material things are replaceable! be grateful if ur safe." Pauly chimed in from the West Coast, asking everyone to "stay safe through this horrible time #hurricanesandy" and Jenni expressed her disbelief by posting a photo of her town (Toms River, NJ) under water:

Later in the day, Jenni tweeted another photo, shown below. "This is the street #JerseyShore @rivolis and @Sniptease is on. Now boats are on it," she wrote. And for those fans of the series that are wondering what happened to the crew's part-time place of employment, the MTV star reassured everyone that it's still upright: "Bubbas and lucky arcade are no more but the shore store is standing but major damage." Stay strong, Danny!

UPDATE: As of 10 p.m. Tuesday, 48 people in the U.S. have reportedly been pronounced dead, 18 of them in New York City.

+ Keep up with MTV News for ongoing updates on Sandy's effects, and leave your own messages of support for those affected.

Photos: AP/New Jersey Governor's Office and @JENNIWOWW

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