MTV Twitter Roundup: Kristin Cavallari's Son Is Ready For Game Day!

Baby Camden is a baller in the making.

The legless onesie says it all: Camden Cutler is READY FOR SOME FOOTBAAAAALL! Kristin Cavallari's little guy (whose dad, in case you've forgotten, is Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler) recently had his game face RTed across the Twitterverse when his mom caught his wide-eyed stare on film. Sadly, as MTV's own Brandon Freeberg has displayed on, the intensity doesn't seem to be a genetic predisposition (see pic below...).

Elsewhere across the social media site, Kailyn of "Teen Mom 2" tried to give Snooki's pouf a run for its money with some massively high hair, while her foremother, Catelynn Lowry, felt pretty down without her loved one at home. Sammi "Sweetheart" gave a nod to her BF's business ventures with a Ron Ron Cocktail for breakfast, while Robb of "The Challenge" pretty much just subsisted on ink as the better part of his arm was suddenly covered in tattoos.

Check out what MTV's best and brightest had to say this week!

Jay Cutler can barely contain his excitement on the field.

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