Which 'Teen Mom' Tot Is Now A Cover Girl?

Next stop: Vogue? "Teen Mom" bambina Carly graces the cover of Bethany Christian Services' fall issue of LifeLines, a magazine for adoptive parents. But the three year-old cover girl is no diva! She was kind enough to share the spotlight with her new little bro, Graham, and the couple who adopted her, Brandon and Teresa Davis.

You best believe Catelynn and Tyler got a good glimpse at their model child, thanks to Dawn Baker, the social worker at Bethany Christian Services who counseled them throughout the open adoption process. "Oh hey @CatelynnLowell & @TylerBaltierra look who is on the cover of @Bethany Lifelines, sweet & darling Carly & Graham," Dawn tweeted yesterday, to which Ty replied, "@dawnmbaker @catelynnlowell @bethany Awwww look at Carly! She is way to[o] cute! #loveher."

Could this kiddo look ANY more like Cate? The resemblance is uncanny! Dawn seems to think so, too: "@TylerBaltierra @CatelynnLowell you two sure did make a beautiful little girl. What a precious treasure!" she gushed before sending out a solo shot. "Who knew one little girl could be loved by so many? Her life has had such an impact @CatelynnLowell & @TylerBaltierra pic.twitter.com/sMRAHTlD," she added.

The bow-sweater color coordination? That smile? We're on awwww overload! We can only imagine how Cate and Ty feel.

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Photo courtesy of @dawnmbaker