Take A Ride With 'The Buried Life' Guys As They Rip Through Their 'America List'

Time to dial back the odometer and hit the road! Ben, Dave, Duncan and Jonnie of "The Buried Life" have finally hopped into their traffic cone-orange Subaru and set their sights on completing "The America List," a cross-country adventure aimed at checking off challenges suggested by fans around the United States. Awhile back, we asked what you'd like to see the four thrill-seekers accomplish, and now, you can watch it all play out on MTV.com.

In the first of five online-exclusive episodes, the guys accept a fan's tweet-challenge to give water-fueled jet packing (...sounds familiar...) a try in Newport Beach, California. Not one for subtlety, Dave decides to make his mark as the mission's guinea pig by taking flight in the full nude. It's not all fun and games though--the four friends genuinely want to help some folks out along their trip, too. Something as simple as paying for a stranger's gas is little skin off their backs, but it makes a woman who's tired after a long day at work feel incredible.

+ Check out the first "America List" ep below, and stay tuned for the remaining four episodes as they're rolled out each Wednesday on MTV.com!

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