Sammi And Ronnie Make Googly Eyes At Each Other [Photo]

The course of Sammi and Ronnie's relationship has been paved with boulders, but it looks as if (knock on wood) they're quite possibly through the storm. Not only did they manage to get completely s***faced together on last night's episode of "Jersey Shore" without fighting over who was late for the reservation, or who didn't eat before drinking, but during this week's "Hook-up," the couple--currently living in sin--could barely keep their hands off of each other!

The photo above is just one instance of SamRon getting all lovey-dovey throughout the show's taping (even when the cameras weren't rolling!). You really need to watch the entire clip below, in which the pair provides commentary on Mike's attempt to buy back Snooki's love with a tricked-out stroller, to experience the full depth of their connection. Behold: undeniable evidence that these two could very well go the distance...especially if Ron continues to buy her flowers every time he acts like a dickhead.

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