Miles Goes Tit For Tat With Lou By Peeping Raviva's Nipple [Sneak Peek]

Did Lou break "bro code" (any insight, Guy Code?) by accidentally getting a good eye-full of Miles' date's bare breast? Probably, but the sin is not unforgivable. After Lou confesses to his unintentional wrongdoing in this sneak peek of the next "Underemployed," Miles decides he can settle the score with a very simple solution: peeping Raviva's nipple! Let us all say together: TIT FOR TAAAAAAAAT.

"I tried to shield my eyes, but there it was--nipple! Plain as day!" Lou tells Miles in the clip below over breakfast. Soon after, a towel-clad Raviva walks into the kitchen, and as Miles only has a few fleeting seconds to balance out the equation, he moves into action, asking her to reach for the vitamins. When Raviva's towel slips, but her back is turned toward the guys, Miles brilliantly points out the merit of one especially shiny appliance. "Toaster, reflection, nipple" he says to silence Lou, who was sure there was no way Miles saw a single speck of her in the buff. Shifty, sir. Shifty, indeed.

Check out the video, and tune in to "Underemployed" every Tuesday night at 10/9c!

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