How Long Before Sitch Cuts New Girlfriend Paula Loose?

The jig is up and the news is out: "The Situation" of "Jersey Shore" is officially off the market. After three summers of messing around with Paula (and anyone else he fancied), the guy finally proposed exclusivity in the form of a Shirt Under The Shirt at Rivoli's (...or is it Rivoli's...?). Unsurprisingly, Paula obliged, and Mike was thrust into his first relationship in quite some time. And then, all hell broke loose. Paula started talking about kids...and a house...and...marriage?!

It took all of 10 minutes before Mike started feeling buyer's remorse, as his new boo suddenly seemed like a completely different person. "When you order the same cheese pizza for three summers straight, and you finally get your cheese pizza with pepperoni on it, you're like, 'Where did this pepperoni come from?!'" he said. And when Ronnie jokingly told Mike it was only a matter of time before the couple's first fight, he seemed ready to freak.

"As soon as she had me, everything was out the window," Mike tells Kenny Santucci after the fact in the "Jersey Shore Hook-up" clip below (most notably in reference to Paula's sudden "sex on the reg" mantra). Check out the video, and tell us if you think Mike's in too deep, or if he just has some beginner's jitters.

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