Vinny Guadagnino Kicks It Gangnam Style With 'The Man Himself' [Photo]

Looks like Vinny lost his back-up dancers. Last month, the "Jersey Shore" star proved he can do so much more than fist-pump when he released a music video remake of PSY's "Gangnam Style." A slew of young'uns--wearing everything from sunglasses to a choice moustache--busted moves alongside him during the raging dance party. But, as the above Twitter photo suggests, the Staten Island native has recently recruited more sophisticated partners. "Just gangnam styled with the man himself @psy_oppa," he bragged, with no kiddos in sight.

This is not the first time Vinny has crossed paths with the Korean rapping sensation. "With my new favorite artist @psy_oppa. #gangnamstyle!" he shared last month during the VMAs. The rest of the cast has gotten in on the photo op action, too--Mike just posted a pic of the whole gang posing with the artist, and tweeted "NYC ! Jersey Shore ! GtL."

PSY+GTL? We smell another brilliant idea for a video shoot! Get on it, Vin!

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Photos courtesy of @VINNYGUADAGNINO and @ItsTheSituation