Snooki Bails Her Former Meatball-In-Crime Out Of Jail [Sneak Peek]

My how the Sunday dinner table has turned! Gone are the days of Snooki sneaking shots of Patron during her Shore Store lunch break, flashing her koo-kah at the club, drunkenly making out with her gal pal and getting 'cuffed at the beach, which means that this season, Deena's had to work double time. Her payment: jail.

When D failed to find a stand-in meatball on last week's "Jersey Shore," she proceeded to get blitzed beyond belief all by her lonesome, ultimately ending with a tearful dance into the arms of the law. Mission accomplished? Snooks sure thinks so in this sneak peek of tonight's new episode.

It's meatball code to pick up your friend after she falls in the sand (or boogies her way into the back of a cop car), so the preggers guidette is off to the rescue! After piling a hammered SamRon and a crippled JWOWW into her SUV, they all head to the Seaside slammer to bail out a very much in-trouble Deena. "You know it's a f*cked up world when I'm the most responsible one in the house," Nicole declares. And we can't argue that.

Check out the clip, and tune in to "Jersey Shore" tonight at 10/9c to see the aftermath of Deena's dancing-in-the-streets debacle.

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