Is Snooki Bringing Her Pouf Back? [Photo]

Hello, again, hello. -- Neil Diamond

It may not be the gigantic pouf of yesteryear, but it sure is something. When Snooki posted the above pic on her Facebook wall this afternoon, referring to it as a "mini-pouf," our collective heart fluttered at the thought that one day--maybe even sooner than we expected--our darling guidette would dust off the 'do that made her famous and put it back where it belongs: front and center!

Don't get us wrong: The leopard-print bows, experimental bangs and even the head straps were fun. But we're traditionalists here at Remote Control--change can be awfully scary--and in the case of Snooks, tradition calls for a BIG-ASS POUF. Hopefully this photo signifies a revisiting of past hairstyles for the hot new mama, but if not, we'll always have the memories.

+ Do you want Nicole to resurrect her huge pouf? Launch a campaign in the comments!

It's so say yesterday. --Boyz 2 Men

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Photo courtesy of Snooki's Facebook page