Schedule Change! 'Teen Mom 2' Returns To MTV On Monday Lineup

Mondays are a mother! And starting Nov. 12, those words will never ring more true, as "Teen Mom 2" returns for its third season on a new day of the week. Chelsea, Jenelle, Kailyn and Leah, as well as their adorable tots, are back onscreen in less than three weeks, and while much has changed in their tumultuous lives since Season 2, much has stayed the same. Two baby steps forward...two steps back.

In the first series promo below, you'll find that the new episodes will contain no shortage of parental challenges, family fights (yep, Jenelle and Barbara are still at it) and romantic heartache. Ready the tissues, because that dream of happily ever after is still nowhere in sight.

+ Watch the promo, check back here tomorrow for the trailer and tell us whose story you're looking forward to revisiting when Season 3 premieres Nov. 12!

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