Snooki And JWOWW Fast-Forward To Age 85 And Shop For 'Wheelchairs' [Sneak Peek]

From guidettes to Golden Girls! On last week's episode of "Jersey Shore," JWOWW broke her foot in a controversial bar fight, and now, her BFF Snooki is surprisingly..."so happy." Huh? "Now I have, like, a disabled buddy to hang out with me!" she says in the sneak peek of Thursday's episode below. Apparently, the rapidly expanding meatball feels that pregnant equals handicapped.

Luckily, Snooks has the perfect solution to her and JWOWW's mobility probs: "wheelchairs." In the clip, the comedy duo takes a couple of motorized vehicles for a spin inside a surgical supply store, as a concerned salesman looks on. "This makes me a little motion sick," says Jenni while she attempts to put the thing in reverse. Meanwhile, it's love at first sight for Nicole, who smacks into her co-star after suggesting they follow each other. "This is us legit in 60 years," predicts the expectant mom before opting to buy one for each of them. Now if only a pimped-out tandem version existed. Paging Xzibit!

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