'Underemployed' Poll: Will Lou And Raviva Last?

TV and movie buffs love a tale of star-crossed lovers, and let's be honest: Lou and Raviva of "Underemployed" definitely have some challenges ahead of them. The college sweethearts agreed to see different people when postgrad ambitions pulled them in different directions, but when Raviva returned to Chicago nearly ready to give birth, she and Lou were instantly bonded together for life.

Now that the two are parents, it's abundantly clear the days of breezy romance are over. To cement his status as breadwinner, environmentalist Lou begged for a job from his father at the friendly family toxin-emitting corporation while Aviva--who only recently stepped off the plane from L.A.--found motherhood in a downtrodden bachelor bad especially trying. She felt lonely and abandoned while her boyfriend was busy at the office (and definitely let him know it!). Even her mother expressed doubts about Lou's potential as a dad. But when Lou rallied his friends to build a crib, string together the baby's nest and flesh out a wardrobe, all without Raviva knowing, there was a glimmer of hope for the couple.

+ What do you think--will Lou and Raviva last, or is a shared child not enough to compensate for the fact they are leading two completely different lives? Take the poll!

Will Lou and Raviva last?

  • Yes, they have a solid bond as parents.
  • No, they are in too different places.

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