These Images Of Heidi Montag Will Leave You Speechless And Potentially Jobless [NSFW]

Heidi Montag tips two professional rumpshakers in Sin City.

So much for humility. Heidi Montag pulled the wool over Billy Bush's eyes last week when she seemingly convinced the "Access Hollywood" host that she'd experienced a self-awakening of sorts since her days on "The Hills." We quote:

"[Spencer and I] have both kinda just stepped back and been able to reflect on who we've been and where we want to go and who we want to be and who we want in our lives, and it really wasn't the path that we were down, so we both just kinda changed back to more of who we originally were: very grounded and humble."

But Heidi's feet are definitely not touching the ground in these newly released pics of her sans pants, spread-eagle and stuffing dolla bills into two strippers' skivvies. Over the weekend, the former MTV villainess hosted a three-year anniversary party at Crazy Horse III gentleman's club at Playground in Las Vegas, and, from the looks of it, did a takesies backsies on her claim that she's abandoned the fast life for simpler, fully-clothed pastures. "It was quite the whirlwind and I'm happy to be out of it," she told Bush of her "flashy reality fame." And this is where we bite our tongue (or risk nasty tweets from Spencer).

+ Check out the photos of Heidi hanging tight with some t&a in Vegas, and share your reactions in the comments!

This is what we meant by "speechless."

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Photos: Splash News