Vinny Accuses Ronnie And Pauly Of Being Disloyal Bros [Bonus Scene]

Common courtesy will never go out of style, but when Ronnie and Pauly D made an extra effort to greet Jionni at new favorite "Jersey Shore" hangout Snooki's Porch, they crossed the line. At least, that's what Vinny asserts in the Episode 5 bonus scene below. Vin and Jionni have been walking on eggshells ever since Nicole sought sexual healing from her former roommate-with-benefits in Italy (she and Jionni were on a 12-hour break), and their mutual cold shoulder became all-too evident when Ron and PD treated the guy like family on last week's ep. A case of general friendliness, or blatant disloyalty...?

"They're, like, making it a point to be friends with Jionni just so it's awkward," Vinny laments in the clip. He, Ron and Sam recount the cringeworthy moment in which Jionni arrived to Seaside Heights without so much as a nod in Vin's direction, and the normally even-keeled housemate is none too pleased that his pals were essentially a secret handshake away from initiating Jionni into the Brotherhood. When they start giving each other keg stand-assists, we'll officially cry foul.

+ Check out the vid, and tell us if you think Vinny should suck it up and extend an olive branch to his Eskimo cousin.

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